Raining Insanely

I’m looking outside and it looks terrible. Raining, and it’ll supposedly be like this till Monday. I guess while the rest of North America seems to be freezing over, this is the worst that it’s going to get for us. A Constant String of Wet.

I have to make haste to the IGA then afterwards, and go over lines for an audition this weekend. For the Role of a Man with OCD, very self conscious about it, and doesn’t like to do much of anything in fear of being embarrassed. It’ll be interesting to give it a try I don’t know how well I would be to perform with the likes of having OCD. SO I think while going over the sides, I’m going to research as best as I can, to figure out what it would be like.

I also hope they don’t mind that I have a beard, seeings how I’m keeping it on for other things (Jew Extra thing that hasn’t happend yet.)


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