I kind of feel like the weekend opened up some awareness

Let me ask you a question. What do you think of when you see the website address http://fatuglyorslutty.com/? No go ahead, I’ll give it some time. I’ll give you a hint: The site is not about rating people from hot to not. It’s a website about Creeper dudes, and macho dandies sending messages to ladies who game. (like this occasional creepiness)

I like sites like this because it makes me more aware of the people I’m being associated with. Which really doesn’t mean much of anything, but I hope it just brings much more awareness to the point that I hope gamers become much more self-conscious when it comes to gaming online and dealing with the opposite sex.

But everything is a learning process right?

So, with that in mind I humbly endorse what they are doing. because you know,  whether you’re a girl or a guy, this stuff is really no different, it’s just a lot more absurd when it’s directed towards women.


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