Efing Media Roundup: The internet is cooler than you

God dag til deg, Efers! How are we?  January is over, are we still all sticking to our resolutions? I hope so. I don’t take kindly to slackers around this town. What am I up to? Why it’s a news day of course. and guess what, I’m tried as hell, so we’re gonna get through this, we’re gonna try and make jokes, or be a little slow in the head.

New 4chan is like old 4chan but not really 4chan, it’s only a matter of time before New 4chan goes the way of old 4chan and the world continues to be the internet. I mean, it can’t not be right?

As usual the internet doesn’t really have any identity But that doesn’t stop this little red head to be uncomfortably geeky. Hopping up and down in a darkly lit room, singing the same thing over and over autotuned and more lyrics that can put Lady Gaga to shame. I guess the one thing going for her is that she’s not flapping her chest about, like most internet Ladies with integrity. NEW PROJECT, SING A SONG AND JUMP UP AND DOWN IN FRONT OF A CAMERA. INTERNET MILLIONS!

Do you hate it when your act of terrorism goes off at the wrong time in the worst way? That’s how a would be suicide Bomber felt on New years eve. Well… WOULD HAVE felt, if it wasn’t for the bomb inadvertently going off in her Safe house after her cellphone provider wish her a Happy New year. And that’s the joke.

This is news right? Tom Hanks joins Facebook. This is big news for a guy that was already on Twitter long before the Billion Dollar Social Networking Cluster fuck. I’m just surprised that this passes as news. Hanx.

People in the film industry will always be richer than you.

Happy Ground Hog Day BTW. I read a story that it died, but then the news article updated and said a ground hog was frozen to death.. but it wasn’t Phil. I forgot where it went (EDIT: HERE IT IS).. oh well, sleep time


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