this doesn’t help anyone’s case if we keep talking about it

It’s been done to death, and it’s only been the weekend. Surely I’m not exactly helping by talking about it, hell I’m one of those people that tell everyone else to leave it alone. But I was walking to Tim Hortons to grab coffee, and as I was double fisting two on the way home it really occurred to me how much this sucks.

Penny Arcade, it’s a webcomic, mostly about video games. Sometimes it veers off into other territory, but it’s mostly about video games. At it’s core though, it’s unapologetic. Vulgar and crude, the kind of humour that isn’t exactly for everyone, but fits right in to the cynical nature of the internet. Remember posts back when I was talking about George Carlin? Keep that in mind while I continue to type about this.

There was a problem about a comic strip.  The Subject is Dickwolves. This is where I guess I have to put a disclaimer because every other blog I’ve read seems to do so, so I better cover my bases here.

[ I in no way condone the act of rape. It’s horrible. I know people that have been victims of it, and it’s definitely not something to take light of. PLEASE keep this is mind if you continue to read on, and if you have a problem with the way I say things in this blog, send me an email and we’ll discuss.]

The strip is played out like a scenario in a game of World of Warcraft, A Non Playable Character is in desperate need of help, and no matter how dire the situation, the Player Character already did the minimum requirement needed for the quest. That’s the joke. It doesn’t seem that bad when it’s explained like that, but if you read the strip I guess you can understand how someone would be offended by it. I’m not going to argue that at all. As an artist myself, if you don’t like something like a certain comic strip/tv show/music CD. then you’re better off not listening to it, because there’s millions of other things out there.

They’ve since become accused of things like being a rape apologist, and treated as if they’ve lost a lot of integrity. I feel as though, it’s a knee jerk reaction. In this day and age, there’s too much personal opinion thrown around all over the internet, and there’s a plethora of crazy people just looking for the next thing to get offended about. There are people that understand that it’s a joke, albeit a little harsh. But there is a lot worse things out there, and a make believe scenario can’t possibly be it.

I kind of feel like I’m being watched over about this, and I have to keep apologizing for everything I type.

Okay, so the word Retard. Generally it’s used to describe something that’s slow. Or it used to be. People use it in whatever context they seem to want to use it, but my entire life I’ve never heard it to be an insult to someone who has Mental Retardation. I’ve never even heard of people with M.R. to even be offended by the use of the word Retard. I’ve only heard of those who get offended for them. Hell, Differently-Abled seems like more of an insult. Those that fabricate something, and make you feel bad for a group of people that can take care of themselves are the kinds of people that I kind of loose respect for. Remember the uproar from the Special Olympics committee, Because Obama was talking about his terrible bowling skills in which he use a certain phrase to describe it? (it was on that Jay Leno show, whatever that’s called.)

Michael Richards Called a Heckler a Nigger and it ruined his career. He was in a bad place, and he made a bad call. You shouldn’t really have to shun the guy because he was being harassed in the first place, and he tried to stand his ground. But you know what, we did. Perez Hilton called Will.I.Am a faggot, and he got punched in the face, that’s cause and effect. The difference between Michael and Perez is that Perez is an Antagonist. I assume it’s because he wants a specific kind of attention out of people. What makes it bizarre is that Perez makes his career out of being an asshole, and Michael Richards just wanted to tell a few jokes.

There’s a guy I know that always comes into a chat and bitches and complains on a regular basis. Never helping himself or others (probably) and makes mean remarks, or insults if you will, to Canadians. I can always tell when some one is joking, and always know when it isn’t funny.  I have no respect or Sympathy for this person and have also made him cry a couple of times. Unintentional, but sometimes people do things to themselves.

Penny Arcade on the other hand, weren’t trying to start shit, they were just making an unrealisticly bizarre scenario (that is probably crude) a joke. Rape wasn’t the puchline, but it happened, and that was it. done. Next Strip.

But you really have to ask yourself, if you’re offended by something, are you going to turn the other cheek? just bring up why, in a respectable manner? Or just be a fucking asshole?


3 thoughts on “this doesn’t help anyone’s case if we keep talking about it

  1. The trouble is that people are offended because Penny Arcade are “condoning rape”. Which they weren’t and aren’t. They used rape to make the situation seem as horrible as possible, to make the player who couldn’t help the people seem like an arse. What in that is condoning rape? The internet’s a weird place sometimes.

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