If there hasn’t been a Grab Bag 5, there is now

[Tricot Machine, I know absolutely nothing about this band, but I do really love Francophone Musique. (hur hur) This song is great because it evokes a sense of travel and wonder. I watched the video for the first time this morning and I found it to be very cute. So I wanted to share it as today’s Bonus Jonas. ALSO: I noticed that I pretty much took over the ‘Bonus Jonas’ Tag on WordPress. I win?]

  • Speaking of winning, Did I ever tell you the story of the woman who forced herself onto a full bus and argued with the bus driver for a good 2 minutes or so. Eventually the driver gave in and started to go. The woman’s words? “I win.” (Bitch can’t say thank you? kick her off!)
  • I fucking saw Hurley from Lost Downtown, it was crazy. First I was like “That’s Hurley.” and Hurley looked at me being all, “This guy is kind of looking at me funny.” Eventually I looked at my lady and squealed like a little girl. I never do that.
  • Last night I was in a small frenzy of #streetfighterpuns on twitter. If you can think of any, fucking go for it Brah!
  • Sometimes articles like this let me laugh childishly.
  • The 4 Plus 1 Rangers
  • I do THIS Regularly
  • I think it’s been more than a while, but a while still but I hear that one of my favorite musicians SOKO is finally going to release an album. GET EXCITED YOU GUYS!!!!
  • Do you ever sit there and think, man I really gotta challenge myself today? Do you? I do all the time. What’s the challenge I’ve felt latey? Music, How does it work? Maybe I should write something, I was belting out a song from scratch walking back to the bus stop in Langley. I figured PSHTSFFF!! I can do this. Plus Lady has all the cool instruments.

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