To Langley and back

Maybe there’s a part of me that’s a little to gullible? If that’s even the right word to use. Or perhaps I’m just a little too enthusiastic or eager to do some acting, That I always make it on time to things. Usually the first to always show up if anything, and ready to go give it my all. Willing or Desperate. Whatever the case, this is probably why I always seem to set myself up for a little bit of a disappointment.

This morning I was bright tailed and Bushy eyed. Got my gear, grabbed a coffee and rode me some transit. Feeling skeptical about making it on time. But the Bus ride felt a lot shorter than I thought it would. I reach a spot where my bus journey ends and my ‘I need a ride down there’ begins. Transit only goes so far, and I either call some one to give me a ride or I walk. So I walked and tried to call the guy to let him know I was on my way. There was no answer, so I called the Girl who I could also contact for this stuff.

She answered but she had no real idea on what was going on. I shrugged. I’m at least making the effort to get out there and might as well continue. Keep walking forward and within the half an hour, call the guy again. I really have to pee. after about 2 and a half blocks of farm country the guy calls me and we discuss that there really wasn’t enough interest in continuing the project, and today was pretty much canceled. My heart sank, but I didn’t want to let it get to me. Not way out there.

But he still expressed interest in doing something, whether it’s still the pilot, or something completely different. I told him that I had more than a couple ideas in my head, and jotted down or whatever. That way we could still be in connection with each other. Which is a good thing, because I’m running out of good reliable connections in this city.

So we’ll see where this goes.


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