Testing my Design skills

This is slightly counter productive of me. I was bent on Doing some writing today, But a sad baby and a staggering old man seemed to indicate to me what kind of day I was bound to have. So I grab my coffee, sit down and watch a dog be a complete lunatic in someone’s car.

I’m playing around with InDesign knowing that I’m going to have to learn how to use this program if I want to give my OMiTACO book some structure. The subject for this practice is hilariously unrelated, but I figured it would be cool to do anyhoo. I grab an Efing Media article and get to work. simple as ever Design, it looks like a poorly thought out Zine, I think it’s kind of cool. Click Below:

Efing Media Roundup Test Page

There’s a part of me that really digs stuff like this, I blog Sunday Social Clubs on a gaming site, and when I’m done I always think about how I could go ahead and make this stuff look super cool, in a pdf format. I really have to be encouraged to do things a lot more.


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