Gribbley Bag 5

This morning, before my jog I woke up and I turned on Pokemon Diamond for the first time in months. For some reason I was going to see if the Online Trade I wanted to do finally went through. To my surprise it was traded with some Japanese Person and got the Lucario I wanted. The only problem is I have to get back into the mood to playing it again.

In a bit of, nostalgia (I guess) I took to my boxes to look at all my Pokemans, and immediately giggled at all the stupid names I gave all these creatures. My favorite one for some reason was the Tentacool named LLCOOLJ

Awkward Zombie I like, It’s got a goofy art style and it’s mostly about gaming. Well first off I really enjoyed it for some reason because it was just a smash bros. comic, and I was really into that at the time. Well I still kind of am, but it’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down and played that. I also really dig the way Katie makes expressions.

K. Beaton, my hero at ‘Hark, a Vagrant’. Her art is cool, her humor is Great! and it’s soo delightfully Canadian at times.

I jogged the same route I did last time, but took a shorter path, It was a nice day I’m happy it didn’t rain. I usually don’t look forward to things on my own if they involve high traffic. People walking by or running past. It makes me sad a bit about my out of shapely-ness for some reason.

I tweeted this one, but I really like it for nothing else but it’s style: The Thomas Beale Cipher is a good watch. I swear, Vimeo is where all the magic happens.

Well, I had a day and I’m a little sleepy. Sad that there’s been no set to go to today, but thems the breaks.


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