Standup Route part 2 ( iGuess)

I can’t fully remember, but I think there’s a quote floating around about there being two types of Comedians, The ones that do it for themselves, and the ones that do it for their audience.

George Carlin in his time, bright eyed and bushy tailed as an up and coming comedian is essentially a blue print, of what an ideal Comedian can be. Sure, getting older he’s more a personification of free speech, but he was to the audience as what a comedian is supposed to be. Takes the absurdity of life and turns it into something you can laugh at, while giving an insight at the same time.

His more famous routine is the 7 words you can’t say on television, which has probably been shortened since then, but it’s still a good one to listen to.

I think, the next best thing to that man, is Probably Louis C.K. The comedian that just doesn’t give a fuck if you find him funny or not, just clearly wants to stand up on stage and vent about all the shit in his life. He could be as racist, Chauvinistic, Discriminatory, Homophobic, all around hate filled… and it’s still funny. It’s funny because he’s basically a projection of the society around him. Perhaps it’s accidental, but life is far more cynical now than it used to be, and this is was Louis represents.  A Fragile man that wants to erupt but he knows he can’t because he doesn’t have the balls.

But he continues to make the most out of his life.

I like these comedians, because to me they’ve been as close to a slice of life as you can get. It doesn’t make anyone else bad. Robin Williams is one of the greats but is a bizarrely delusional improv enthusiast that spouts off one thing to the next. Demitri Martin and Zach Galifianakis are comedians that use the medium of music to tell you non sequiturs. Nothing wrong, again. But the use of Music represents the lack of confidence in their own material. Possibly changing how the joke works. It could probably be just as funny without the music, but again…

I know, this gives you insight on what entertains me, and this eventually leads up to what I could eventually come up with for myself as a routine.


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