Efing Media Roundup: The Terrible Children

Rumble in the Jungle, but try not to FUMBLE it’s the Efing Media Roundup for January 25th, 2011! A day early I know, yours truly was scheduled for some on screen work, but they bumped the day back. To when? I don’t know for sure, but because of the events that were supposed to happen, I decided to have an early Roundup, just so I can say that I still did one this week.

How’s everyone doing? The first month of the year been treating you well so far? Anyone have a new born child? How about a 3 year old? A recent study in New Zealand found the devils in children.

children as young as three who were impulsive, easily-frustrated, restless and unable to think about the long term were far more likely to have criminal records, drug and alcohol addictions, and other health and financial problems.

Children around that age still act on some animalistic instincts, so I feel as though this study is unfair for their future. Although, it’s up to you to be a bad parent.

Would you guys like some more ‘end of the world scares?’ Even if this doesn’t exactly mean, the end of the world There is a Super Volcano in Yellowstone that could kill a lot if not all of us. It’s also just waiting for the right time, which could be any moment. tomorrow? Or 2012 perhaps?

At Sundance Universal Nabs a Documentary about that Wiki-leaks guy. That guy Julian Assange? There’s been a lot of news about this guy lately, but he seems like a real weasel of a character. Doing all of this stuff now because he lived such an inadequate life. maybe it can be a Doc about how they follow him with a camera as he walks around, telling people that he has secret documents in his backpack, and then he just kind of gives one random page to a stranger one at a time. That’d be cute.

As a sign of the times, since everything has to be going digital; Wizard Magazine, will now be out of print! Staff laid off and all of their attention will be towards website things and Comic conventions. I used to read Wizard all the time, it’s what kept me in tune with all my comic book info. Now where am I going to look for that? Websites? PSH

Two Suns could be visible on Earth by 2012. But don’t worry, this won’t threaten your life, only your sleeping pattern. Turns out, one of them will be all Supernova, then be gone. If there’s anything Powerman 5000 has taught me though it’s that…  A supernova, you think it’s ova… but a supernova don’t stawwwwp.

Here is your Oscar Nominations for your favorite movies. I’m already a little sad that Aaron Sorkin wasn’t nominated for writing The Social Network. His writing is a quality all in it’s own, that I guess some people don’t understand. But how many of you want Inception to win best picture?

For the RPG lover, an ‘Iwata Asks’ article with Tetsuya Takahashi and Hironobu Sakaguchi talking about just that. The old days at Squaresoft to now, and a conversation about why JRPGs aren’t doing so well in America. But for the most part, it’s in Japanese.

I think that’s a good haul for today. Well kids, same thing as last time. Get Social at the bottom. talk about these events or anything else that’s happened this week. (There’s a comments button)


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