Baby, I’m ready to go

[This was, for the longest time, actually one of my favorite songs to hear, when it came out. I could find myself listening to it on loops for hours. It’s a bit of a shame that, for me, Republica will probably never be as good as this song. I could give anything else by them a listen, I’m sure. I just don’t think I would like it.]

There was something I previously mentioned, something about photo blogging I’m sure. I always wanted to waste time doing that see, but never got the motivation. I think it comes with the territory of Acid Clockwerk being down for as long as I can remember. Sad times really.

So in the absence, I have come to the conclusion that I need to make a photo blog, a nice one called Imperfekture, it’s theme is basic. Something I don’t feel like I need to explain, so I won’t! I will probably from time to time, if I like one of the pictures enough, reblog it to here, in hopes of bringing some attention between the two.


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