Adventures in Driving through Vancouver.

“Stop being such a guy.”

That was apparently the theme over the weekend, especially when it came to Driving. A man’s instinct is his most precious tool, Especially when it comes to driving. (That’s the stereotype right? It feels rather appropriate.) Friday afternoon I took the wheel, to get to my apartment, Borrowing the car of my girlfriend’s father. Seems a little self indulgent but, when you wait three to four hours just to take a driving test, you suddenly feel like there are some things you deserve to do.

Getting to the car was a bit of an adventure, there was a car in the way in front of the garage door that we needed to open. The owner of this car was is in Mexico for the week, and there was no way of opening the car and moving it because he took his keys with him. UGH. So we tried the classy way of breaking into the car. Which didn’t actually work, so the next best thing was pulling it out of the way.


So from then we went on our journey, packing what we’d need for the weekend at my place and pack ourselves into the tiny car. I took the wheel for this one, lady let me. I figured I knew the best possible way to get home, but there were slight detours all the way, because we both had different suggestions on which paths to take, so we applied both, I listened to where I should be going while in Surrey, but the moment we crossed the bridge, I was determined to know where I was.

Let me tell you, I wasn’t wrong. I just ended up taking one wrong turn, which cost us the strangest detour around Coquitlam. But I found myself back on track and Happily and Safely made it back to the apartment.

From there it was all about Pizza and watching Little Nemo. Phenomenal movie. Lady seemed to think so too. Friday Evening was satisfying.

Saturday I Hung out with friends, but for some reason I was just looking forward to sleeping. Eventually I did.

Sunday morning, was the continuation of our Driving adventure. Lady took the wheel this time, she wanted to. She wanted the driving practice. I think from Burnaby to Surrey is a decent amount of Practice to do. For the most part it was pretty easy to figure out, we had signs helping us for most of the way, except for one turn we should have made in the New Westminister area. I don’t know about her, but that can really screw up a guy like me! I did not feel all that keen on an alternate route either, it didn’t feel that right to me. So we went around back to where we were and felt even more confused. Lady was doing surprisingly well as a driver. A little nervous perhaps, but this is why you practice driving in the first place, so you can get rid of these jitters.

We got on track and made it home safe and sound. I always felt comfortable with the idea of driving and usually regret never taking opportunities to city drive as much as possible.


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