Efing Media: No way Yes way

Bonjourno Des-ka, Children! Having a fun week? getting things done? Riding the Wave of opportunity? Did anyone hear about the Golden Globes? Of course you did! that was Sunday and this is the internet! That Ricky Gervais? Funny Guy, Hollywood in General? Looney! OH! Let’s not did at the sensitivities of Boring award shows and just carry on with the news, shall we?

Breaking news: (Because I just found this out as I started writing) Anne Hathaway is your New Catwoman in your new Batman movie. I’m sure she’ll do fine, and is a good actress, But being Catwoman Evokes a certain kind of Sexiness that she doesn’t have. Anne I CHALLENGE YOU. Pull this off and we can forget that ‘Love and Other Drugs’ ever happened.

Starbucks adds a brand New Size at 31 oz. THE TRENTA. This follows of course, the American mentality that Bigger is Bigger. A larger more expensive size for all your coffee needs, because too much of a bad thing is a good thing right? The only thing is, this size is only available for Iced Drinks. Which in all fairness, I can go through those pretty fast.Something tells me I can’t wait for a big gulp size.

Regis Philbin is retiring from LIVE! Here’s a guy that is usually running a mile a second. Did anything and everything for TV, and is finally slowing down. Shame. Now the only thing? Is Kelly Ripa man enough to carry the show?

What? Men can be Allergic to their own Semen? Yeah.. but it’s one little moment that happens! It’s totally worth it, isn’t it? right? guys?

George Lucas is being all “the world is going to end!” I often Hear George Lucas as being some kind of a lunatic, so you just gotta take that in stride. You know what? No! I’ll be on the same boat as him, the world WILL END.

Oh and happy birthday, Dolly Parton!

Man, you bet your ass it’s a slow news day. For me anyway, Got something for me? Something I missed? make a comment below. want to talk about today’s articles? Make a comment below. Other than that, till next week we go!


3 thoughts on “Efing Media: No way Yes way

  1. You do know that Bonjourno des-ka roughly means “Bonjourno?”… just wanted to get all nerdy on ya!

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