As was the point of this page, I’m taking it upon myself to get in shape.

Not that it’s easy for me, for some reason.

But it was fine the first time, with the girlfriend, a brisk jog with no problems except for maybe falling on our asses. (due to the ice underneath us) So I decided “oh this is the perfect time as ever.” upon hitting the trail and starting up, the sharp pain in the abdomen begins.

Well that’s not acceptable. It was sharp, really sharp. So I slowed down, but I wasn’t about to let something like that stop me! I just started!  I’m going to walk it now. The whole thing, I might as well. I’m even timing myself, see how long it’ll take me. Longer for sure.

There was a woman on the trail that passed me three times.

I do think that there is a long road ahead of me if I want to be in any acceptable condition for the sun run. I’m not exactly clear on what that pain was all about but I’m going to assume it’s nothing… that is, until it persists.

weather sure was nice too.

[00:42:27.16 was the time I finished in]


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