Standup Route

Mid last year, a friend of mine decided he was going to try and come up with a stand up routine. Wanted to give it a try I guess. He was a man that wanted to give himself one new challenge every month. Something I admire in a person. Like how I challenged myself to blog and can’t seem to stop. Or I always wonder if I can go a full 30 days with a completely different accent. (But we can’t do that, I think I mentioned something along the lines of, people would start mocking me because they figured I was just trying to be funny.)

But I’m going off topic here. We’re talking about Stand-up. While my friend was trying to come up with his routine he kept going on about how it wasn’t very good, because it just seemed more and more like he was ranting about stuff rather than cracking jokes. Which is fine, Grade A material can always come from a troubled life. That is, if you’re more than capable to laugh about it. But alas he wasn’t too convinced…

He then Brought up, ‘why am I not a standup comedian?’ He thinks I have the chops for it! Then again, he’s not the only one that thinks I do. Apparently, I’m a comedian to a lot of people. I guess I can see that. I make lots of jokes all the time that are pretty funny, but that’s only because I’m uncomfortable. (But who says you can’t exploit a human flaw?)

Also once, in high school I was told that I dress like a standup comedian. I’m not too sure what that meant, but I assume it was pretty bad. My mom always did pick out my clothes for the longest time.

But where are we going from here? Is it possible I could turn to a life of standup comedy? Yes, it is possible. But I always considered myself to be part of a duo. Never a pioneer of hilarity. I work better off of other people, like David Spade in his younger days. or like abbot and costello, conan and Andy, Wayne and Garth. (are these turning into bad examples.) The point is, I excel at the afterthought more than the idea of whatever is funny.

But if I took the mantle, what would I do with it? what would we talk about? I suppose I did have the troubled life, and I can do self deprecating humor. Andy Kaufman and George Carlin are two of my greatest influences. I’m just as Odd and Ranty, but you can’t really combine the two either.. or could you?

I like to consider myself as a student of Comedy. I feel like I understand what works as a Joke and what doesn’t. That probably makes me look like some kind of elitist. But I consider it to be more for myself as an artist. I toyed with it a lot myself over the years, random, Adult, Dark, Racial, Slapstick, Gags, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. So I continue to study.

Perhaps if anything, as a student, my entire routine could be about Other Comedians. standup 101 if you will. I always felt like I could do that, maybe we can teach a class or something at VFS. haha, wouldn’t that be something, The final exam would be performing routines in front of all of your classmates. Genious.

I have a feeling that this topic isn’t over. I feel like I can do some serious thinking here. It’s dumb and or weird, but it’s some thinking.


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