This is when I dance by myself, infront of everyone.

[ I was strolling around the internet in late hours of the evening. I didn’t really have any purpose, but I assume I do these things to blow over any kind of weird thought process that pops into my head. Then this song came up in my head, and I had to quickly give it a listen. See the thing is, this week I was very much down in the dumps. These things happen for people from time to time. It’s natural. You sit back, you think about things, you assess your life and then you start everything up again.

I can’t have the world on my shoulders, I can’t make myself believe I can always help everyone with their own problems all the time. I am what I am, and I’m pretty good at being me, even if I look small compared to those around me. Sit here, take some time to listen to this song. Really take it in, I want you to. If you’re in any kind of rut, this can help you feel better. It does for me.]

I did the necessary things I had to do today. I look forward to this coming week.


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