I thought of something over the course of the week.

If you were to ask me two years ago, how I was doing. I would have said “fine.” You would have looked at me in the face and see that I probably was. If you were to ask me that now I would have said fine, look me in the eyes and agree. Yet there would probably be a little bit of self doubt in the very back of the soul.

I will shed light on it at another time. Some of the negativity does come from the fact that I was recently sick as a dog, and it’s slightly lingered because we’re near the end of the week. Don’t get me wrong, the beginning of this year was the most beautiful thing I could ever ask for… Yet I’m 2 weeks into 2011 and I feel like I haven’t been noticed.

In terms of work. You know what It’s like to go somewhere and apply for something or to send out an email for the chance to get the ‘chance’ to get the job? I know, this is just me being impatient, I would have every right to be / don’t because lord knows I’ve made many a mistake since I’ve got here.

I think going to this meeting that was supposed to happen today really snapped something in my head.

Again, I shouldn’t get into it. but I will say, love to my lady for having the idea of ice-cream to ‘cool’ things off. (OH PUNS <3) It’s nice to know I do have my head still attached to my shoulders. It kind of feels like we’re going to be going through a lot together and on our own. We’re both troopers. and you know, we’re probably going to rock this.

but right now the feeling of wanting to go on a vacation that you know you haven’t deserved yet, is sitting on the fence.

Here’s to a weekend of Distraction before the week comes up again. (SRS BUSINESS THINKIN)


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