Riding my bike to the oldies

When I was a child, didn’t have fancy things like a tape deck or a CD walkman, (I mean, I had a tape deck, but it pretty much broke.) But I was really into Portable gaming. I had my Gameboy on all the time and went through a lot of AA batteries.  I think from that came my love for chip tune music. I don’t know, Something about the way Nintendo made their sound board I guess. I never did like the sounds that Sega Consoles made. But anyway, Way back to the time I Got Donkey Kong Land I played the hell out of that game and I was also really impressed by the soundtrack. Amazing what can come out of a gameboy, I thought.

I also remember, turning it on, selecting the level and then riding my bike with the music rocking my headphones.

Under the cut are three such songs of what I’m talking about, good stuff, makes me want to ride a bike. and you know, it’s FUN to ride a bike.


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