oh god oh god oh god what did I do?

Well first and foremost I woke up this morning, after having a strange dream about someone I know, doing terrible things with her life. It was strange because the dream emulated life, in the sense that I always had to be the one to hear about it and deal with it. “It’s your friend, this is important to do.” Ohkay yes, I’m in Vancouver she’s in L.A. as much as I’d like to be able to put up with her, she’s probably on her own.

But I always leaves me waking up with a terrible taste in my head. I mean, if shit is tough for her, and it was ever brought up to me specifically. Yeah, I probably would go out of my way. but I digress. I have a better life to pay attention to.

Today I went to an Extras Agency, because money is non-existent tight. I filled out the necessary information I needed to, and went down there in haste. It makes me feel bad but I do it anyway. At least it’s something, right? side stuff, side money, whatever. I just get sent to a room where all these other people are sitting for the exact same thing, filling out info, getting their pictures taken, being on their merry way. I was probably a little under prepared. That’s what it felt like, no Haircut, still in full beard. I now feel like I have some obligation to look like that, since my picture was taken after all.

But maybe some movie/tv show somewhere needs a hobo.

And now? well the only thing I can do is wait and see what happens with that, because if they want me, then they want me. if they don’t? THEN BIG OLDE SIGH.

I just really hope I know what I’m doing in the long run.


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