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Part of Internet culture is it’s inane ability to simplify everything down to one word on a picture. You see, a picture is worth a thousand words, but apparently kids today really need to have it spelled out for them. Like, one word literally slapped right on the image just in case you couldn’t quite figure out that something was wrong with the picture. This is where comes in. A Website accumulated of people just grabbing pictures of anything and adding a big old “FAIL” on the image, assuming that the image failed in some way, or something was completely at fault.

As a person that loves a humorous situation or a delightful sight gag. I honestly feel like this website is a little off it’s mark. Under the cut are some examples, and after looking at these, I honestly feel like some sort of OLD MAN INTERNET, ready to shake my fist at the dumb children that walk by.

I assume it’s because the user didn’t realize that Both flags have the same color and design. (oh I’m SO SORRY one of them doesn’t have a bird on it.)

Whoever posted this one doesn’t understand what innuendo means. (Also, the fail totally blocks the picture, rendering the joke useless. Thanks internet.)


In case you couldn’t quite read SELF HELP the first time.


No No… I totally understand this one, it’s a ‘FAIL’ because it’s an image of what anyone dumb enough would think it’s one guy boning a child while skiing. But there’s also an X across it. Telling you not to do this, So I think labeling this one as Fail pretty much means that you condone what I assume you think is “the Act of pedophilia while Skiing.” Are you retarded? that’s DANGEROUS!


Oh Yeah, Justin Bieber totally endorsed Nail Polish. FAIL? no.. sorry I can’t give that one to you, It’s a real thing. maybe you should have said WEIRD instead.


This one is a beautiful example. A time honored tradition from my Youth of rearranging letters on a sign, you know, TO BE FUNNY. Rendered Useless by someone coming along thinking this was done on purpose.


By these SIX EXAMPLES, I feel like the internet has no real sense of humor at all. It really takes the fun out of life, and your imagination if you look at pictures like these and find them hilarious because you have one simple word holding your hand every step of the way.


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