Best Music 2010

[Here’s something you know (or didn’t know) I like music! Music is Genious! so much so that I always Blog a little something something of a song. We call those Bonus Jonas around here. Not to be confused with ‘that’ Bonus Jonas.  Here’s something I decided to do. Let’s just throw a bunch of songs together and call it a YEAR END SPECIAL.]

My Terrible Friend – Holy Roller Novocaine (Kings of Leon Cover): One Part Pomplamoose and other part, lady I don’t know. My Terrible Friend Blends Modern times with a Classic American Country sound, with some dark tones to boot. I always love it when People do a cover in their own style, and make it sound way better than the original to boot.

Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand: Part of the Benefit of tracking the tweets of other people, is them letting you know what kind of people they are by the kind of Music they tweet. (I don’t know, maybe) Friend Michelle Hadbavny Tweets This amazing song, that is such a simple little club tune, with a Music Video that appears to Capture New York at it’s heart.

Pomplamoose – Telephone (Lady Gaga Cover): Let’s get one thing straight, I actively dislike Lady Gaga. I think she’s a hack, a cheat, a fad, deceptive. There’s no longer a bone in that poor woman’s body where she is genuine and natural yet everybody loves her for it. Pomplamoose of the other hand, are far from fake, and they’ve taken something I’m normally so against, and have turned it around into an enjoyable ditty.

Being a Dickhead’s Cool – The Grand Spectacular: Added for being cool!

Stephen Fry – Weebl: Weebl has a history of just putting together a bunch of random things but does it so well that’s it’s probably the most amazing song you’ve ever heard. Okay? you got that? Now Let’s add Stephen Fry to the equation! Amazing right? Right.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 – This is my Happiness: In no way a new song this year. In fact this is from an old ass video game. Yet, no other song this year (maybe) has been on any of my playlists as much as this one has. It’s catchy, it’s bubbly, it’s dopey romance. It’s the end of a movie with the cheesiest ending. It’s bliss.

Nier – Song of the Ancients (Devola Version): This is mainly from my soundtrack of the year as well. It being from a video game makes lists like these seem a little dorky, but I believe this soundtrack has been something that anybody can get behind.

Willow Smith vs. Sesame Street (Mec Jagger Rmx) – Whip my Hair: By no means a good song. In fact, we’re probably in for it. The Smith kids may grow up obnoxious or something, but we might as well strap in and put up with it. Things like this help. Being mashed up with a video from Sesame Street following along the same lines? Genius. Plus it may also help you like the song a little.

MDA Senior Management Rap: This song is like.. 2007, but this year is the first time I’ve ever heard it. GOD DAMN IT’S SO CATCHY! – retro: I’m never usually fond of people rapping about video games for some reason. But I guess it just takes the right one to come around. So Kudos to it. It’s catchy, and it’s in my queue. Now let’s all party till it’s 2011!



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