Year of the Year

2011 is the year we should start working towards our de-evolution.

We hit it, the high point! Our Social Fidelity. Our Active Lifestyle! Facebook and iPhones have ensured our lives will be easier from here on out. We have Apps for everything and ‘friends’ that ‘like’ them. Let’s pack up and go home you guys. Let’s make 2011 the year were we build a rocket ship to conquer a different planet because we’re pretty much done here.

Where do you want to go now? Giant robots?  Helper Robots? Sex Robots? Princess Leia slave robots for the use of Sex and Star Wars Trivia? Voiced by Carrie Fisher? (What a babe) I miss the glory-days of Printed out News Letters and Public Access Television. But I’m also a cad that never really grew up with any of that. Frankly, I know I’m going to wake up on New Years Day, remarkably bitter about everyone else’s aspirations of seeking fame through means of absolutely nothing.

I mean, how many more ‘Real Housewives’ Do we need on television? Why is Jersey Shore the most engrossing thing on television? I feel as though this is a sign of the times. Self Importance is a Social Satire and everyone is the joke, the only people that claim they’re in on it are the Fauxhemians (See: Hipsters).

What can I do about it? The only concept I’ve ever utilized was Parody, and I grew up with a mind set of Counter Culture. Now? That’s the new culture and everyone thinks cynicism is the new norm. It’s a crappy thing to realize when you grow up thinking you’re going to work your career around these ideas.

I’m already well aware I missed the boat on a couple of things. But there’s always smaller, less noticeable ideas taking their place. Yet, they’re like everyone else’s ideas. That’s how it looks. Youtube is an incubator for everyone having the exact same ideas. Even if the ideas aren’t their own, they will take someone else’s videos from their channel and slap them on their own. Creativity is dead.

So I’m sitting here, on so much coffee, thoughts jumping around all over the place, thinking, hell it’s a new year, what the hell am I going to do? The only thing I can think of doing is ignoring the rest of the world as much as possible. Rebuild from the ground up, my roots are something I cannot use anymore. counter-culture has become tainted, cynicism is a cry for help, Self importance is our new pop culture.

I think I know what I’d have to do. Good Luck to you all in the New year! I think we’re going to need it…


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