Maybe this is too familiar

It’s funny how much something can stay the same for a person. Getting off the plane to Edmonton and Meeting up for some dining at the place I used to work. Brewsters recently opened back up from a renovation, and it does look very different. At the same time, it’s funny that there are still people working there from when I did. Bartenders, Waitresses… One of the cool managers is still kicking around too. Almost felt like excercising a “hey, how’s it been?” but it was a little to busy for me to want to be bothersome.

Drinking to comfort with the varitable Christmassy combination that is Rum and Egg Nog, carousing with friends on the line and coaxing one to art jam with me and others on the 23rd. Ready to sleep on a Futon, not to my liking but it will do.

The next day, I feel like I’m back into the habit. Walking down a familiar street to a familiar Mall. In a cold you could never forget (that terrible dry kind of cold. The one that gives me a bloodied nose. That went off without a hitch this morning). Not warm, but warm enough. Making my lap around WEM seeing what to get for Christmas But, I don’t have the patience for this. So that’s just what it became – A LAP. A waste of time I guess, having such time to kill and not really doing anything with it. So I just went back to my sisters place.

This is where I will continue to be, hoping to be warm without resorting to being under the covers. Counting down the minutes till the next day, seeing what’s in store for me. But most importantly, looking forward to some old friends.


2 thoughts on “Maybe this is too familiar

  1. familiar things offer up a kind of comfort.. even if it’s a lazy, unenthused kind of familiarity…! :D i do wish i were there with youuu <3

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