Efing Roundup: Your My Christmas

HEY KIDS! You know, I missed last weeks update of newsicality. So I’m going to make it up to you, by having it on TUESDAY! Some of this is old news, actually it may all be old news. Here it is anyway, enjoy it! Cherish it! Have something to talk about with the family while sitting at the dinner table.

First, right off the bat! Here’s a time lapse of the lunar eclipse if you missed it. It’s done with technology so you can still see the moon even if it’s black. So then, if you think about it. Not as cool as a “Dangerous for your eyes” Solar Eclipse.

Drunk Man kills Shark by Jumping on it’s head. I don’t have any words other than this is probably the most bad ass thing ever accomplished by man. Or minutes away from a Darwin.

Sure the first thing anyone wants to do with technology is always going to be sex related. Especially if groping is your favorite pass time. Sure go ahead, make yourself proud. fulfill your childhood/adult fantasies of sexually molesting the air. Meanwhile the rest of us will enjoy one of those ‘real relationship’ things that are going around.

Larry King is a stand up comedian. Sure, he could probably be more than capable of doing it, he’s got the gusto. But really, fuck you Jay Leno.

Some sort of Jargon about turning someone into a gamer. Because there’s lots of people out there that do game and want nothing else but other people to do the exact same thing. I should know, I bug my girlfriend a lot. The Verdict? She likes bejeweled. Next Step? Final Fantasy VI *maniacal laugh*

Speaking of video games, look at what’s popping up 3 years too late.

Heavy Rain expected in Soaked California. That headline! Do I want to do it? Should I? Okay I will!

There, this is all I’m willing to do! I have a plane to catch!


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