Answers that didn’t have questions

What am I doing here?

Why am I blogging?

Seriously, I have things to do! an apartment to tidy-up, clothes to probably pack, and other things to look around for and maybe take with me. This is serious business! Edmonton is right around the corner! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

But let’s face it, I’m probably going to jerk around for a couple of hours, and showering, and getting some game time in, and maybe drawing, and possibly writing a couple things, OH and I have some video(s) to upload. You know how it is, busy busy for no real reason.

It already felt like Christmas with the Lady and her fam. Dinner, Drinks, and conversation. a comfortable evening ending in another exchange of cute conversations over nicknames and together-ness. ignoring other drunken follies that surround us. This is the stuff I want to work for.

I should really get on that.

I’ve been considering the possibilities of what I’m going to write for my GOTY blogging. Geekitude at it’s finest, You know, I missed an EF blog last week and I’m truly sorry. So maybe when I have the time on Tuesday, I will totally pump one out. other than that you’ll have to wait. Tuesday evening I make my way to Edmonton till the 27th, sure to be a fun time. I would hope so because to be honest I may feel like a bit of a downer this year. (It hasn’t exactly been a good year for work, for me… for some reason.)

So, with that I have things to do, I’m probably not going to pay attention, but I hope all of ye have a Merry Christmas. (I say that now, because I’m never going to remember later!)


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