Nothing to offer but their own ineptitude

Vlog culture always leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. People like:

  • theAmazingAtheist (Pretty much you’re average over opinionated jackass)
  • iJustine (the worst)
  • Shane Dawson (wants needs to be like everyone else)
  • Ray William Johnson (makes his own videos out of other people’s videos)

Well this is just a few out of the many out there(Phillip deFranco is actually pretty cool though, this guy is worthy of a lot of talent). There’s just so much about it that feels like they don’t offer anything to society, especially since they all pretty much do the exact same thing.

I think it just baffles my mind, because I see Youtube culture as something I’d want to put some work into as opposed to just talking to a webcam everyday and making a living off just that. Which I guess would be nice expect for the fact, that I like having a lot more to my existence than my ability to talk. I wouldn’t call it jealousy… just maybe, as a performer, I feel really offended.

The point of this post isn’t about these people, they are their own lost cause (again, except deFranco) But there was someone particular recently that caught my eye, and I can’t help but feel completely irritated by him.


This guy calls himself Angry Joe...

I understand the plight of the online critic (Spoony is a good example to me for some reason). critics are doing their job of letting someone know about something and if it’s good or bad. A lot of online critics adopt the mentality that they all have to review shitty things because everybody loves watching someone bitch and complain over the internet. Some reasons why I can’t watch the Angry Video Game Nerd is because his anger always felt like it was coming out in the form of Mad-libs. The guy is alright, but that kind of humor gets old really fast for me.

The reason why I want to pick on Angry Joe right now though, is because this kid is a douche. twat. Fuckchop. What ever you want to call him, he’s still pretty much an idiot. Dresses in the same, Superman t-shirt, Superman belt buckle and tacky jacket he’s had since his first year of high school. He goes to the VGAs to interview Geoff Keighley  about said Award Show. For some reason thinking he was going to be awesome and rip into the guy.

Let’s get something straight though. Geoff is a busy guy, He’s executive producer for the thing and should honestly pay a little more attention to that while it’s going on. Joe even showed a serious lack of professionalism throughout. (I’m not really going to link to any video evidence, I don’t feel like giving this guy the clicks.) This video of the ‘interview’ is around 8 minutes long. He only asked Keighley questions for about 2, and had not done any research or prepared for anything. then spends the remaining 6 or so, bitching and complaining about Geoff ripping into him for being a dipshit. Entertainment should not factor into stroking your own ego, I don’t care how many fans you have. I’m surprised people have those kind of balls to be dramatic and post it online for all the world to see. Like when Perez Hilton called a faggot and got punched in the face for it.

Quick, immediately look for sympathy over the internet?

Perhaps this is why vlogging is so ridiculous to me. It’s like an institution for attention seeking cosmonauts. Never having to face the fact that they only choose to keep talking to the internet because they can’t offer anything in life other than their demented opinions and over examined empty rooms. Perhaps I’m being harsh… I’m always being harsh, but like I said… As a performer, I am offended.


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