worriers, come out to play.

[Dismissing the Music Video, the song can feel veryy appropriate at times. For my life, and I hope that made it can fit into yours as well. Pull, I could learn how to do it, round some people up and romantically embarrass my girlfriend. tee hee]

I know, I’m sorry, I haven’t really Blogged at all this week. Other things have kept my attention. Far more important things. It’s the week before Edmonton, and all through this house I’d rather be stirring about. Spend some time with my lady love, other friends, and general “what the hell am I going to be doing when I get back.”

It’s been a slow and quiet week, for what it’s worth. Sometimes that’s just necessary. I think I’ve experienced a little bit of chaos, but has since gotten out of my system and I’m fine. Really.  For really really. Wednesday was especially cozy. I was stabbing dudes in the face and lady was playing them Bejeweleds(the new and 3rd one). It goes far and beyond how much of a cute couple we are. Again, I’m happy. (Word on the street there is secret footage of us skating, which is CRAZY! I felt like I was going to die the first couple of minutes on the ice, but then I turned pro. But then Lady got Super fast while holding my hand and I said “PULL ME” and guess what. I almost died. #youhadtobethere)

I’m going to upload that second actor acting thing today, when I have the time to get around to it. OH also, did I mention I made one of these weird little about.me pages? I kind of don’t understand the point of them right now. Sure it’s neat and it’s social Media-y but, what else is it bringing to the table? Is it gonna get me some acting work? man, I hope so.|

I feel bad that one of the things I set out to do before, at the beginning of this year, was compile a book of the top-best OMiTACOs and sell them out to people. why haven’t I done that yet? where the hell are my strips even?


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