The Car of the future, yesterday

[Car of Tomorrow, is essentially one of my favorite cartoons as a wee lad, and has shaped my imagination to alter my perception on what cars should be like. But at the same time, there’s something about this one, and TV of tomorrow, and Farm of tomorrow, where they always just seem to hit the same notes all the time.  I mean, I never noticed any similarities until recently. But it still makes for an entertaining watch for some reason. Even with all the weird sexist jokes.]

My week with the lady was a fantastic week, I wish I could say the same about acting. But I’m incredibly grateful to her and her family for letting me spend the week there. Always learning more every day, and thus making me happier to have a lady like her around.

(dawwww lovey dovey stuff)

So now, I’m back in the apartment and actually have it to myself for a week before I’m off for a chilly Albertan Christmas. So it’ll be nice I guess, but a person can only spend so much time alone, so I’ll be sure to occupy my time constructively.

One thing I feel like I can always feel proud about myself for is being past the age of Social Media, yes of course I use twitter, but it’s only to promote this blog or many other things I see fit. The actual tweets aren’t as fun, as there’s no one to really reply to or sarcasm without trying to sound cynical flies over peoples heads.

Oh well, I’m on a higher pedestal than Twitter anyway!

(Last week for any other quick auditions, but let’s make it happen!)



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