My ideas are good ideas (I know this because people seem to take them)

Months ago, when we had all the time in the world to work on Ghost Chair (when a lot of that shit still seemed to matter). We brainstormed, wrote out, and discussed ideas for sketches that we could do of allllll shapes and sizes. Only while we were actually waiting to get the Ghost chair stuff OFF THE GROUND (as a series, but there’s a lot of people in this city that just seem to be so damn unreliable). So just because we’re on the subject alone, you can already tell how fucking bitter I am, so I’ll just cut to the chase… some how.

I know, I know it’s immature of me to grovel and complain about something a show like family guy did. But we came up with a joke that would have been amazing for our little youtube space, and help put us on the map a little more. I had, in the queue a Ghost chair sketch, which was pretty much next in line to go, “if only we had the time.” about an Aurora Boreanaz joke.

Yes, that’s all it was, Aurora Borealis and David Boreanaz mixed together so cleverly, that it would be too good to pass up. Basically what I’m saying is, it should have been executed MONTHS AGO, and now Family Guy has beat us to the punch.

I should be proud! (from what people are telling me) A television show watched by people everywhere saw the joke and it made them laugh! made their day! sure sure, that’s all well and fine I guess. as retarded as Family Guy has gotten over the years, it does have some moments, and the ‘road to’ episodes are some of the best. But because it was on family guy, it really changes my perception of the joke. What I had written as a clever subtle thing, that you’d rely on the person to understand on their own (which, really, it isn’t hard.) instead feels so blatantly mad-libs and dirty!

So you’d have to look at it from my point of view. If I were ahead of the game, I would have crafted something to be proud of. I could look at it, and even though let’s face it, that channel will never get any views or support, it would have been out there. For the fact that Family Guy did it first, it would now feel dumb of me to follow suit. I can no longer do something that everyone will recognize as a Family guy joke.

Good ideas or clever jokes don’t happen for everyone everyday. Most of the time (or any of the time) I will never get the tools or the resources to execute the things I would love to execute. Then stuff like this comes along and I just feel really gypped from my fucking career choice…


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