A dream within a dream within an anecdote

I may have embarrassed myself a bit this morning. Having a dream about being back in the apartment, some one has been sleeping in my bed since I was gone. Looked awfully like Tom yet went by the name of Tara. I was pushing her trying to wake her up, yelling out her name.

Suddenly I find myself beside the last who overheard my subconscious yelling and ensured me that I was getting her name wrong. Seconds or so passed and I realized what just happened. I woke up from sleep and asked her if I was saying anything out loud.

“No.” the lady said. I’m going with what she said, but I could have sworn I was shouting out the name of someone in my sleep. While, the entire time, Lady thought I was complaining the entire night about not getting any sleep at all. Once again, dreaming bests the both of us.

It was a little difficult to find what I was looking for today. Never mind for the sake of Christmas. I’m looking for a specific book to do writings in. Call it spoiled? I think they work well for me. Well enough that it’s all I’d want to use. I have found the make of them, should I really choose them… but it’s not the right kind, and I will have to keep on the look out.

Maybe it’s all this coffee but I’m feeling restless.

Yesterday, I noticed that The New York Times posted 14 actors acting. I felt lost in this. maybe I didn’t quite get it, James Franco kissing himself, Matt Damon yelling, Natalie Portman sitting down, Jessie Eisenberg Shooting a gun. Zowie! A minute or so of your time, in what feels like a paid candid moment. But it inspired me to high-jack the ghostchairism channel and put something up. To no so much parody as to point out how ridiculous I thought it was. if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is below.

My Girlfriend dug it and encouraged me to do more. What do you think? No it’s okay, you do have to say anything (because you won’t). Who knows, maybe I can get a good round of ideas out or something, and just spam the youtubes with ridiculous videos.



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