Efing Roundup: Pride comes in the silliest forms

It’s that time again, Your prototype news post part 2. The Efing Media round up is my own self indulgence in what I consider news, and everyone else is along for the ride! What does it include this time? Well sit back, grab a cocoa and read on brother (or sister) I love Wednesdays.

Gay Pride sneaks into Spike TV logo. In a moment of kthnxbai going for a specific vintage look means nothing but pride for Gay commuters. Sure, leave it to them to point out how game something is. and you can look at it and say “Yeah, I guess so…” But deliberately like that? I doubt it. Even if Neil Patrick Harris is hosting. Just because there is a rainbow, doesn’t make it gay. Next thing you’ll tell me I can’t ride a unicorn, and I LOVE RIDING UNICORNS! ( I feel as though, somewhere that joke has already been done before. Oh well, the internet recycles.)

The pair met on a flight to New York and have reportedly purchased a $6.5 million apartment in the city.Oh hi, I’m Kelsey Grammer. My other Wife is one of those ‘Real Housewives.’ But I’m thinking you would totally like to be wife number 4. You’re British? No way! I talk like I might as well be. This one? This is the one! No more divorces for me!”

Modern Family actor Ed O’Neil says Jane Lynch didn’t deserve her Emmy. Why? Because her Sue Sylvester is a ‘one-note’ character. Now that makes a lot of sense, because if you look at a lot of her characters over the years. I think ‘Sue Sylvester’ is the only character she knows how to play. Ed is onto something. He used to be on Married with children, so he knows a thing or two about ‘one-note’ characters.

Hookers for Jesus. I don’t have any joke, but I really do want this to speak for itself. This Stay at Home Daughters idea though? No woman should ever be stripped of their independence and forced(well that’s exaggerated) to act only under the will of their fathers. We’re not trying to travel backwards in time here, not everyone doesn’t want to do anything with their life.

Eric Ruth gets a Cease and Desist for Loveable De-make of DJ hero, over the use of 8 bit versions of popular music mashed together and being brought to the masses as entirely free while giving credit where it’s due. I’m no internet lawyer, but I just really wanted to spell it out for you.

And finally, my favorite news of the day. A man’s tongue gets bitten off while going to kiss his wife. The Problem being, she was sitting on the toilet, which triggered some sort of ‘manic state’, biting off the guy’s taste buds. She is now stuck in a perpetual state of Christmas carols. I guess there’s a time and a place for French kissing, and your loved one on the toilet is not one of those times.


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