Good news campers! It’s your Friday’s Monday. you know what that means, total rambling on and on as I just talk about anything I can muster condensed into one simple post. You know, because my life is so interesting and cool.

I’ll be spending the week in the house of my girlfriend. Which seems like it’ll be nice. I mean, as a house opposed to an apartment, and a girlfriend as opposed to being single. I think this will be fun, she can always give me that extra push to do something, just as long as I give her that extra push to do her homework.

This month is also winding down, in terms of acting gigs. Next to nothing for a while I guess, given it being the Christmas break and all. I also didn’t get what would be my big source of working this month, which is a total shame, but they’re cool people and I’m sure my path would cross with them again (If anything, they got a fan).

The most I can do right now, is write. It’s the start of the week and there’s really no jobs posted right now. It’s insanely sad. Lady wrote something last week that is a wordy piece of stage play, which in my head plays very modern Victorian. Cute.

We’ll also be taking a trip to the Vancouver Art Zoo [Museum] There’s a supposed free day, so we’ll have to take it up on it’s offer, word on the street says Tuesday, but we’re soooo going.

In pretty much 2 weeks I’ll be going to Edmonton for the Christmasu break. Jam with the Fam, you know. I haven’t seem them all in a while, so I guess it could be a good time. Usually though, whenever I’m outside of Vancouver, I always feel like I’m missing something. Like none of all my bases were covered. It used to be funny, with my last agent, I would always seem to get auditions or book gigs when I was never in town, it’s a trend that would be funny to see continue and maybe encourage me to go out of town more often.

I can spend this week working on my guitar skills, maybe even play around with Garageband some… The results could be a messy disaster, but at least it’ll be a disaster made with love.

The debate rages on (in my head) for what’s going to happen to the ghostchairism channel. It’s been update-less for a while now, and that makes many people a sad panda. I know I talk about it a lot too, rather than give action. Just needs more attention to itself perhaps? check out the channel, and if you like it. Spread the word around. Only you can prevent forest fires!


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