Mel Gibson Gets to finally talk in his Native tongue again

The Beaver trailer you guys!

Let’s take a look back at everything Mel Gibson has done in the past couple of years. Really, let’s put it into perspective. Antisemitism, Racism, Threatening phone calls to that trophy wife of his (Am I right? I actually don’t know anything about her), Giving cute nicknames to female police authorities, basic drunkenness and the Joy of getting older.

The further down the road, the more Mr. Gibson is going to loose his shit!

But let’s talk about the trailer guys! You see in this movie Mel Gibson is having such a shitty time, that he looks in a dumpster. Instead of living in a dumpster he takes out a beaver puppet, and if anything falls into a schizophrenic discourse. Or rationalizes all of his pains and troubles into the form of giving the puppet a voice. Projecting himself out of his puppet, and thus making himself look a little crazy to his family in the first place.

It’s a lot like real life, except for the adorable animal sidekick.

Websites everywhere are calling this his redemption movie. I’m calling this his excuse to go back to his native tongue. See what a lot of people make not realize is that Mel Gibson is Australian. The voice he gives the beaver is Australian! Mel Gibson is The Beaver you guys. This is going to be Lars and the Real girl + Dan in real life, and Mel is going to win his way back into the World’s heart! Or we can still think no more of him than we already do, but if we play our cars right, he can be our Generations Walter Matthau! Walter was the kind of old fart of a grandfather that everyone has! Old, wise and dirty but I’ll be dammed if he isn’t hilarious. Gibson on the other hand is the internet’s Grandfather, all of those things ten fold, and all of his grand kids take his soundbites for their own benefit. (see: Trailer for the consideration and benefit of the internet Generation.)

Me though? I think it’ll be decent, Mel has been through a lot of stuff that He’s probably (if anything done to himself) But let’s face it, he’s at an age where he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Which is hard in a Media frenzy that seems to act like he should. I’ve never met the guy, I may never will. But every once in a while a movie will come along, starring a troubled actor, and despite his internet grand children being insufferable bastards… it could be ok.

If anything, you get to hear Mel Gibson speak Australian.


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