I hope I never become a hand model

[Sure, if my hands were my only source of income and all I had to do was have their picture taken or video taped because of how they look, I TOO would probably become a little neurotic. Well… more so than I already am.]

So I did it. I beat Assassin’s Creed II. soon after I beat Limbo. I guess I didn’t have a lot on my plate this week. That happens. It’s been a crummy time so far. So you could say that I got this out of the way. Packed it up into a pretty little bow and beat it senseless. It’s a good game overall but it did come with some concerns. As I mentioned in the last post, The races is where the game felt the most broken, if only because their system they coded to streamline the parkour is still just as bad as the first game. In the heat of the moment, I’m always launching off in a completely different direction than I intended, and It usually leaves me starting over again.

The fighting is good, nothing to complain about, but when you get a serious amount of dudes on your ass the combat feels like a tone deaf rhythm game. It’s easy to manage, but enemies are always going to sneak a good couple of hits in if you’re under concentration and miss one beat. I can’t speak for a lot of people, but I often scrambled and just gave up and started hitting the attack button repeatedly. (which also doesn’t really get me anywhere, because they always block)

It’s difficult when an achievement is “kill 10 dudes without getting hit”.Which honestly, that’s a pretty easy task. No really, it should be a really easy task. what gets a little annoying, (and I know it’s a design choice) when you have to follow people and there’s a barrage of others coded to get into your way, groups, bards, people holding boxes, you bump a guard and all they want to do is push you. Silly stuff, but I do giggle once in a while, punching a bard in the face. Sometimes I really do think they deserve it.

The story always puts me at an end though, I do dig it’s core story with Ezio, all the years of trying to avenge his family and everything he went through to get there. But then you realize at the end that it wants to be ambitious. Because Desmond has really got to be the star character, and then I don’t really care about everything I went through with Ezio, much like I didn’t care about Altair, because this is all just a bullshit computer simulation.

I want to see what an Assassin’s Creed III will have to offer. Like more present time stuff. Keep going through the animus does feel a little tiring to me, because it’s just going to keep setting itself up for something Far GREATER. but the end off all this is probably going to be a huge let down if they’re not careful.


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