Variety Park 3

[Maybe a good majority of you are not french, but don’t let that discourage you from something that was made very well.]

While cleaning up my room I found a book I was looking for, but I never expected to find what was inside. Pages and pages of scribbles, wanting relentlessly to rationalize my behavior. It’s as scary as it is depressing to be where I am, looking back at what I once was. Maybe getting some emotion back into my life was a necessary step, but I honestly had no idea what to do with it.

Well there’s a good bunch of the book that hasn’t been written into yet, but I’m debating just tossing the misery scribes into the garbage. That way I never have to be reminded about it next time I magically put this book somewhere to re-find it again.


After I wrote that sentence, I apparently blanked out for a good 20. I’m not sure I was even thinking of anything, but I want to get to writing now. something about a single camera scene in a car that want me to write some dialogue.

To the laptop!… that… I’m… already on…


When Darabont boots out the writing staff you feel like you shouldn’t worry if the dude takes on a lot of the work himself. maybe the second season will be, people giving him drafts for an episode and all he has to do it re-write it. I’d think the Dude knows what he’s doing though, so I’m not worried.

Sure a mash-up of Bubbles and Bubbles could be a funny idea, but write it out a little more instead of always relying on bubbles to just say anything and watch people stand there.

Gamers OH HO HO

You know what else, I hate squish face cats. oh my god, they’re so ugly


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