Efing Roundup – Julia Roberts, boobs, and Bananas

It occurred to me today that I miss my old Efing Media days, of taking news from around the internet that I deemed interesting and posting in one spot for my own enjoyment. People are welcome to join. But you can think of this as Variety Park 3.5! That’s just how it’s going to be.

Man Banned from Wal-mart for masturbating in the toy isle. Wrong place for that kind of thing, but at least he was jerking it to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Which makes you think the situation could have played out a little better if he at least made it to the washroom before handing it off.

Every year, there’s always one TV station that plays ‘A Christmas Story’ for a full 24 hours. well now good old Ralphie got older and decided to turn that classic movie into a musical. Which I guess would be cool. But I was always really bothered by the movie growing up. Why not a musical to a better christmas movie, like oh… idon’tknowDIE HARD? fuck yeah die hard.

On that same friggin CNN blog there’s an open poll for what we should nick name Taylor Swift and Jake Glylinhall (or whatever) It’s a rather stupid trend to do to couples, but if anything here’s my option. “Bubble boy and weird eyes” It reminds me of a couple I knew with the catchy nicknames, wolf man and the leprechaun.

Julia Roberts was paid 1.5 Mill to stand around an italian commercial? GAWDAMN! Tim Burton, Let’s talk Abe Lincoln! Right now!

The only thing I do not like about this Donkey Kong Country Promotion is that Banana are in danger of being extinct.

Last but not least, The Japanese never cease to amaze with Dream Club Zero. Premise? A bug lands on a girls chest, What is a man to do? Oh I don’t know, Probably grope them off or something. But I guess the japanese will try anything to get the Kinect to sell over there!

That’s your Wednesday, If I get into a habit of this, then feel free to suggest something to me, in the comments, or drop an email.


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