I had the pleasure in playing an Xbox Live Indie game by the name of Limbo. A black and white puzzle/platform adventure with a penchant for constantly dying. Your character a shadowy little boy with white beady eyes is on some unexplained mission to walk from one side of the screen to the other. dodging traps, giant spiders, giant saws and falling objects along the way.

I feel as though it’s ironic that I use the word pleasure for playing this game. Well, it wasn’t bad. but it wasn’t all that great either. It was quiet, short, relatively easy (save for one puzzle where I decided to stop thinking about it, because my friends beside me knew how to solve it, and mentioned so! Thus figuring I’m not going to bother doing it myself if I have to hear them talk like that :P ), and it comes around to an ending that makes you not question what the game was about, but rather it’s price. 1200 credits is a little too much for a game that leads you on for 3 hours. I was liking that puzzles started getting more elaborate near the end but it really needed to have something satisfying than me being confused and then not caring.

I remembered the kerfuffle about the price before and how a lot of people were upset about it, but I never understood it until I played the game for myself on my roommate’s Xbox. I’d think that they should really drop that price down substantially.

Now without giving away the ending, I want to tell you about a dream I had last night. Seldom, do I ever dream in nightmares. I can’t think I’ve ever had one since back when I was 3. But what’s weird is that this dream dealt with a fear I actually have. fear of falling off the planet. I don’t talk about fears a lot, it’s usually embarrassing for me to talk about fears that I have. especially one that seems as ridiculous as this. I don’t think what the dream was about actually helped though.

The planet was apparently already off it’s track, spinning in space in the worse way, panic all over, but it didn’t really seem like anything was changing, well… maybe if you had motion sickness. I seemed to be the only one freaking out that we were going to fall off the planet, all of my friends didn’t worry. There was also something oddly ‘Next’ about it. That movie where Nicholas Cage can always seem to tell what can happen a couple of seconds before it does? that was happening to me, the whole dream. Which is half the reason why I didn’t want to go outside. But it’s OK, because I managed to find a lot of hidden passageways underground (with my new found cage sense), and the trill of escaping whatever danger that probably wasn’t even there kept me on the edge of my bed (I HOPE I DON’T TURN IN MY SLEEP)!

For some reason, there was something a little ‘Simpsons’ inspired from the plot of the dream but I’m not sure what it was, other than I remember thinking that when I woke up this morning.


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