two ways to perfection?

There’s a culture surrounding the idea of perfect feet. The perfect foot is apparently around the time you are a child. The women do this thing, in their child-like state, where they cut off the circulation to their feet for an extensive amount of time. This is to keep them small and (I guess) beautiful.

Soon the day arrives where they’ve grown enough in their age. They can circulate their feet again! The feet are weak in this state, and are once again learning how to walk (with the worst sense of balance mind you. The feet ARE tiny.)

A man. Portly. A stereotype. Thick glasses, nerdy attire. Sets down his laptop with an obnoxious sticker onto the counter. Perfect angles to the counter. One foot away from the end, one foot away from me. Everything is being done to a tee. Habitual. He sits down, opens up the laptop. A naked demon chick next to the word Ubuntu… Yes, he’s one of those people. Simultaneously, he plays Maniac Mansion, an online community, The Legend of Zelda…. I’m feeling uncomfortable, he’s one of those people.

Sometimes I wonder if I really am the gamer I claim to be. Or maybe it’s the people that are a little too gamer. Oh well.

I’m calling it in, I’m far too tired to use my brain.


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