Variety hour 2

I know I’m digging myself a hole of un-productivity as I blog right now. Yesterday I came up with the workings for my short idea (written, more or less, in my head), but I had rambling going on in my head on the way over to my favorite coffee shoppe, and it wouldn’t be fair to myself if I didn’t type anything.

[Btw, I febreezed my shirt today hours before I put it on. I just took my jacket off in waves to get comfortable, and for some reason I’m now thinking it was a bad idea. anyway, on with the show.]

En Vogue, A strong R&B group (Big in the 90s) of women with good lyrics, the kinds of which Destiny’s Child could never be. I must admit though, I usually mistaken En Vogue for Salt n Peppa for some reason. (Probably thanks to “Whatta man”) Even on the way over, I was so proud that I was going to write a pun about how Salt n Peppa is a band that really knows how to shake it. Realizing that it’s En Vogue I’m going to talk about, I actually don’t have a stupid joke. Therefore I should probably just carry on?

Anyway, They released an album called ‘Funky Divas’ in ’92 and on that album was a song called ‘Free your mind’ Hard music, beautiful Harmony I present it to you below.

The setting is a runaway, they’re all wearing black and looking pretty angry. It’s an anti-prejudice song. A good message I guess. This song was popular during a time when I was a child, and I never thought about it lyrically. All I’ve ever seen was a group of hot Black women walking around getting me excited in funny places.

I was also really into BattleToads…

For the longest time, and still today I will always associate this song with fan-favorite hard as hell old skool extravaganza ‘BattleToads’. While it is game about Giant Anthropomorphic Toads kicking names and taking ass, at it’s end is a Extremely Hyper Sexualized Villain known as the ‘Dark Queen’. a (probably 7 – 8 feet tall) dark haired Harlot in a black leather corset, and hooker boots so long they lead you up to your imagination. This song played a lot during my really big Battletoads faze and I always seemed to imagine The Dark Queen in all her glory singing this song hypnotically as a ploy, to gather handfuls of men together before she brutally kills them all in an orgy of Screams.

more or less…

I think it really could have worked! In the vain of live-action movies about Ninja Turtles, and even as something as bad as that Mario Brothers Movie, I think I secretly hoped for this. Never for the Battletoads or the potentially horrible story it would conjure, but for the fact that the Dark Queen is really super hot and probably has a totally bitchin’ singing voice.

Man… I want the 90s to come back.


So, Back to Pac-Man. I think I’m done trying to play that game competitively. I haven’t been playing it for too long, but I’ve found myself in the top 10. It’s a surprise to me, and I didn’t know how to deal with it other than fighting my way to number 1. Now, I say with a heavy heart that the 2 spot is good enough. Believe me I’ve tried, going through courses over and over again, no room for screw ups. Everything has to be seamless. It just can’t be done, I was cursing about at every turn and feeling my blood boil. I really blame leader boards for everything. Especially when they tell me I’m good enough to be in the top 10 (over all) there’s been a couple of boards where I was still number 1 last time I checked.. I wonder how long that will last.

Tonight I get to finally watch ‘The Big Lebowski’, and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been told my entire life that I need to watch it and now it’s probably been hyped way too much and I may go home disappointed.

I should get some script writing done before miss lady shows up.


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