Traditional Dating is Dead, Long live traditional Dating

On the audition I had on Saturday, I bumped into an old acting school chum of mine. Suave playa type… (If there’s ever such a thing, I probably don’t even know what I’m talking about.) Within the moment of meeting each other, we caught up, we talked things, he offered me a ride home, i accepted, we caught up some more.

I imagine a lot of people would be, but he was delighted to hear that I was no longer single. I guess a lot of people have it in their head that it’s the best thing for me… could I blame them? but it became a bigger part of the conversation, I talked about my taken-ing and he talked about co-eds. I take it that he plays the field and can’t quite get enough of it.

Here we have two sides of the spectrum. It does seem very appropriate for our character types, so what can you do about it?

He later asked how I came about to having, said significant-other, and I gave him the story… Met at a party. Enjoyed our company. From then on Had a date on my birthday some weeks later–

“–Whoa whoa, hold that. a traditional? you telling me you had an honest to god traditional date with this girl?”

“uh.. yeah, isn’t that normal?”

“Are you serious? traditional.. man that’s.. that’s crazy…”

What? Is that apparently unheard of in this day and age? I figured it was the normal thing to do. I’ve technically been out of any kind of dating loop for a very long time, but isn’t that what you do with someone you’re totally into? I guess that’s where the opposite sides of the spectrum come into play. I look for a relationship rather than finding a means to have sex on a constant.

I suppose I’m presenting it to be a big deal, because I’ve never really understood the idea behind hook ups and booty calls, or looking for a new person to fuck every night, before you find the one that’s right for you. (I’m speaking on general terms now, btw) It’s why I don’t really like to go to clubs, or even just go to parties with other actors. (Not some of my favorite moments from outside of VFS. Maybe it’s different with the more professional types. who knows?)

Maybe I’m just a little old fashioned in that sense? Or I like to be grounded in what I think is the normal thing to do? maybe I still have some weird religious morals that I haven’t brushed off yet from when I was younger.

All I know, is that I’m really happy with what I have.


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