the finisher

Feeling good, I walk out of the building and get myself homeward. Or at least, that’s where my mind was going as this man catches me off guard.

“Excuse me… Would you LOVE somebody… sooo much, that they would go crazy and kill themselves?”

(What did you do? Are you kidding me, NO! I hope not! That is insane.)

“um… I’m going to have to think about that…”

“You’re going to have to think about that?”


“If you loved someone so much that they would be crazy and commit suicide. And you have to think about that?” The man walks away while shouting to himself. “Society is FUCKED!”

Needless to say, I probably never gave him the right answer. But that’s not exactly the kind of question you want to be caught off guard with. Would I want to love someone to the point where THEY kill themselves? No, of course not. I would never want that. Nor to I believe that you can never love something too much. I just think that the poor guy is a headcase trying to justify, what I can only assume, recently happened. I felt as though it could have been a double edged sword. I’d either be rationalizing something, or chastising him for something he’s probably 100% responsible. (His behaviour to my answer sure as hell couldn’t be over something hypothetical.)

But the audition was pretty good, thanks.


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