The one where the power went out

Holy smokes, do you see it out there?” Obviously I’m saying that to myself because there’s no one else around. It’s snowing, amazingly. It’s dark as night but purely white and that’s absolutely beautiful. My natural love and devotion for the wintery times does not peak interest as much as I would like it to, in Vancouver, but you’d have to imagine what it would be like for me if such a spectacle were to happen.

It was all a wave really. It started East and found it’s way Westward. Not subtle in the least, gigantic flakes of white. Which from the view of my balcony looks oddly orange, due to the light of far off buildings (Science told me light travels pretty fast, dudes). It makes me wonder if it’s just my street that is out cold (Pun Intended).

I think it happened without warning though, this ‘power-outage’. The winds are strong over here it seems, and I assume something of the power-line sort was knocked over. At a bad time too! During my dose of “10 things you may have missed on television.” (I was at number 9)
But then I thought of all the other places the power could have gone out on me:

  • Trimming the beard.
  • Playing Pac-man.
  • My Phone could have not been fully charged.
  • If I were to shower.
  • Watching mah stories.
  • Jumping over objects that I can see.
  • Sleeping…

Instead, I can marvel at the comfort of some technology. This laptop is still on and I’m writing this blog post offline. My Cellphone connects me to my girlfriend so she can brag about having power and I can make fun of her for doing homework (we aren’t really, I’m just being cute.) I’m just sitting alone in an empty apartment, passing the time. But it being 12:37, I should probably sleep for the rest of the night, and wake up with a hopefully electrified (in the good way) apartment.

It reminds me of the last time I was awake at night during a power-outage. It was the inspiration for the video that is now dubbed as the Socialite skit – A video for Halloween. It was something I belted out after coming home from Metrotown disappointed (in women) and pretty much walked into an apartment building that was already dead. Which is a weird thing, because these back-up generators, they light the hallways and that’s it, slightly deceiving when you make your way home.

I’m going to say though, that lighting doesn’t strike twice and I can’t be in the mood to make a follow-up video (which would honestly ruin the magic of the first).

In acting news, my heart has skipped so many a beat today. Casting for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” [By the author of that book ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’] Have graced actors access, and I couldn’t be more giddy. I put in my ‘bid’ (I guess?) to get an audition, and i can only hope for the best. I find it to be a fairly decent goal, for me as a young Canadian male actor, to one day grace the screen as my most favourite of American Presidents. It being an outrageous fiction of Vampire-Hunting and being Tim Burton produced as well, is so much icing on the cake I’m feeling delightfully diabetic. So forgive my ridiculous boyish behaviour when gleefully gander at the thought of being Honest Abe, with a Vengeance for Vampires.

But speaking of auditions, there is one for a commercial that I must be ready for in the afternoon. So I might as well make myself sleep.


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