The negative reactions to power good luck

[I feel strangely paranoid in this coffee shoppe today. maybe it’s because of where I’m sitting, and the fact that I like to look at the people that walk in here in hopes that I could recognize them. Downtown is the most likely place after all.]

Civil Discussion is the last thing you would look for in a video game forum. Especially on touchy subjects. A kid turns on some Call of Duty: Black Ops, sees all these custom made icons that people make for their clans or whatever. Mountains upon mountains of Penises and Swastikas (to name a few.. I guess). Naturally, You’d imagine that a lot of these things are deliberately offensive, as this is a game congested with the Alpha Male ego, stoner, or any general dipshit that plays a First Person Shooter.

But he pulls the plug on the Swastika, calling it in to Microsoft as offensive and should be dealt with. Soon after, he questions his own decision making as there is a fair amount of Nazism in the game. Thinking about it, he posted a topic on the forum to see what the gamers as a collective think.

But I’m going to bring it up here.

The Problem is how people view the swastika, because the symbol itself really isn’t offensive. A Swastika has a general meaning of power or good luck, and throughout history has been used like that by many different cultures. Until of course the Nazi’s Used it, along with many other symbols. but because of the events the holocaust, History is now deeming it as nothing but offensive. even if people still view the symbol in a positive light, someone is bound to come along and express their hate towards the use of that symbol.

I can say that ‘I may never be offended by it.’ because It doesn’t associate as being bad with me. The Nazi persona is a much more powerful image than the symbol they borrow. So as it is a Harmless video game where people are already on a constant of being offensive and downright terrible people. A Swastika is child’s play.

I also have a feeling in good faith that they wouldn’t really mean anything by it and don’t even understand the meaning of the symbol. That is, if these gamers are right that the people playing this game is full of morons anyway.

Feel free to sound off about it in the comments below. I would like to hear in general how people view it in this day and age.

FUN FACT: Come on down to Swastika, Ontario.


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