Late night things, that happen late at night

[I know I’m probably going to sit here and write an email, and then I’m going to send it, and then I’m probably going to hate myself, and then I’m not going to get a reply, and then it’s going to be all in vain, and then I’m going to be sad, and then I’m going to realize that there’s no possible way for me to be sad because I’m really happy, and then I’m going to be happy, probably for a good chunk of time, and then the cycle is going to repeat itself.

And then, you know… stuff.]

To be honest, this video is probably a little fitting.

Billy Reid, you are a very talented man.

I think the Human mind fluctuates between many stupid things in any given moment of fatigue. Probably due to the fact that there’s not a whole lot going on and the natural reaction is to sit there with thoughts.  Weather they are good or bad, the process is generally draining and in the end it leaves you flustered[agitated, bewildered].

Today, I honestly figured I had the brilliant idea to get some tiny 2 – 3 minute things together. Short shows. If nothing but scenes. I figured they’d be vignettes, but I think those are rather too short to be anything. I was very proud of this idea, so I presented it to the only other person I know to collaborate with (But we’ve been very unsuccessful in anything now. Probably because the ideas are always mine and never his). As it turns out he’s already thought of that idea and is going to sign up for a grant from a production company.

Er.. that’s what he says. He better be onto something, because there’s a reason why I usually do a lot of things myself. So I think regardless I will go ahead with my idea as best as I can, I would ask anyone else I know if they want in, as to write something. Very short. (Ida, I’m looking at you. I mean… if you would like to.. er.. If you want to do something, and this is up your alley and basically ‘want-to-write-knowing-that-we-can’t-really-do-anything-fancy’, and there would probably be a limited cast of people or something. *Ahem* really, this idea is open to anyone. But I like to think of the possibilities of collaborating between the two of us[ida], even if she’s all the way over in Sweden. We can totally still write for each other [you still read these right?] She’s a cool lady, and she’s talented, and there is no reason not to? hrrmmmmmm)

I might just start them out as incredibly short things. and they may get longer over time (assuming I’m doing these all by myself).

But let’s just figure I’m going to do this, and I’ll keep you updated.
[Spirits up! Keep Positive! Don’t Die!]


Your Friendly neighborhood ‘this guy’


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