I am geeking out right now.

[Guess what I’m excited for.]

Today is a new day with something to get excited for, and it has pretty much left me in the mood to be a Geek or Dork or Nerd or Loser or whatever you would like to call it. Starting my day with ‘Short Songs for Short People’ with the only purpose of listening to this little ditty (I know I know, but that’s one song out of the thousands I have on my PC). As I made sure to let the lady push me, I was instructed via text that I had to film something today. So now I’m going to be spending the time knowing what I want to film, and wondering how I’m going to do it.

I’m been toying with tracks From Heavy Rain and Demon’s Souls. First it’s because the roommate was playing himself some Heavy Rain, (On the Move which I guess has some benefits and some flaws.) and I guess given some of the scenes, depending on what you’re doing around the place. There is this one song that I think just plays Habitually. Noted during moments where Ethan Mars just sit there and stares at his son. The name of the Track is called “Painful Memories” so looking at his son makes him feel really sad (There are reasons why, but I’m not going to say anything because the internet is too spoiler sensitive).

But I started doing a drum loop with my mouth box, so now I’m entertaining that idea in my head and on my lappy, but if I have to rap for it, then I’ll rap for it. It’ll probably have to be appropriately about Heavy Rain or something, or I can just be all “fuck that, maybe I’ll rap like this cool kid. (yeah with really gloomy music, it’s totally going to work. I do have a 30 second it rap thingy somewhere. if I haven’t posted it before, I’m sorry… but you’re totally going to have to bug me for it. I mean, if you bug me for it, I wouldn’t feel reluctant to post it. you see what I’m saying? Synergy! CO-OP!)

While screwing around with that heavy rain track, I got it in my head that I would like to mess with some Demon’s Souls music at the same time. Not actually playing with the one I wanted to play with, because I wanted to work with a midi file for some reason, and could not find one, of it.  So I went with Maiden in Black, which can totally work, but everything is stuck at the same tempo right now (I don’t know how to use GarageBand 100%) and it kind of sounds like a pretty bad Final Fantasy VII tune. Not that it’s actually bad, it just reminds me of Final Fantasy VII.

So that is my homework today. You know what you gotta do, BJ after the jump.


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