It Vegan as a mock beef but ended up entirely different

Any night where I can get away with cooking for more than just myself is a good time… Even if it may not be the meatiest venture.

My week this week is boring and dull, or at least that’s how it’s going to feel. I’m going to be sacrificing my time of going elsewhere to doing other things. Even though I’m not exactly sure what it is I’ll be doing, and that has me a little sad. I guess I’ll just regret hearing the “what did you do today?” question, in fear that I probably didn’t do anything. Oh well, another day, another audition. Er… let me rephrase that. Another submission to an audition.

I fixed up that workbook live page (I might as well link that thing to the side as well) a bit to where I can actually tolerate the words I wrote down. So let’s imagine this gets interesting. The fact that I have not been filming/being filmed in anything makes me a little tireless. It’s that whole ‘working, doing the thing you love’ that eventually gets the best of you, and nothing gets as ‘up there’.


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