Your Candidate for Vampire Killing.

[Today’s Bonus Jonas: While Playing RockBand 3, we took on one of my favorite songs from Electric Six. I mentioned briefly, the music video, and how weird it is. But now here it is on my blog, to not only show my friend, but the world.]

That was fun, I went to a birthday party on Friday with the ladyfriend. The friends were hers but I wanted to come, because they talked up the Blarney Stone like it was the greatest place in the world. [Note: The Blarney Stone is a Club/Bar in Downtown Vancouver. Now you know…] Naturally, I’ve been on a kick of “Sure, I’ll do it because the lady said something, and lately it’s been fun.”

I don’t know how I feel about it. It looks like a bar, yeah, but it’s still a club.

A club.

Maybe one day I’ll just get used to this stuff. She also almost got me to dance, something I never do outside of being alone and wedding socials.

Today, was filled with trying to remember if I was actually awake or not. Sometimes it’s kind of surreal. I do blame the fact that my dreams do borrow a lot of source material from everyday life. Maybe I’m much too boring. OR perhaps the dreams are most expressive in minimalism. I can get behind that. It’s been like that for forever, I think since I was a child. The dreams are never that outside of normal. The scenarios possibly, but the environment gives me deja-vu when I’m awake.

The most terrible thing I ever dreamt was at the age of three (surprising, I can still remember it). I was being attacked by my adult self. Sharp claws and vicious teeth. Darkness everywhere else. I mean… I was convinced that it was my adult self. That’s a very insane thing to conjure in that under developed brain of a child. But I’ve always wondered about it, obviously to this day even. Wondering what it meant… my future will be bad for me? I will be the death of myself? Curiouser and Curiouser the more I think about it, or remember it.

Tomorrow I should take the time to clean bit of the apartment up, I cannot act due to the weather. Always a disappointment. Shame on you weather, Shame on you.


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