I woke up in a bit of a craving to make a puzzle. Remember how cool of a thing that was to do when you were younger? You’d spend so long putting all the pieces together, and you look at it and marvel. But then you feel bad because you know that, eventually you’re going to put it back in the box. UNLESS you’re one of those people that glue puzzles together ‘so proud of your work’ but secretly regretting the fact that it will never be a puzzle again. I wonder how they do it? When they find the pieces that fit together, do they fit them in one at a time? I guess that’s the only way.

I definitely need to have some kind of puzzle sitting around the apartment for these kinds of moments.

Instead I’ve taken it upon myself to play a boring card game for most of the day. It’s sad. Solitaire is always sitting on Windows OS’s and Mac has nothing. But I luckily found a website called and it’s exactly what you think it would be, a website filled with all the different types of solitaire games available for you to play.

Zowie, I think I’ll book mark it.

The thing that I guess I never realized for the longest time is how Specific Solitaire is. I’ve only known it as Solitaire you see, but I didn’t think the version of it I play is actually called Klondike. Even when it was staring me in the face on my Cellphone. (I’ve been playing Klondike a lot recently, but mainly because it’s just there.)

But aside from the dull card game, and some momentary cleaning of the apartment here and there, I’ve been secretly doing things in secret that is not at all interesting, and not worth bringing up.

What is your favorite solitaire like game to play? (look at me, asking you a question.)


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