Let’s talk about video games (if only for a second)

One evening, the usual fare of dorky talk about video games took place. Seeing as how the year was coming to an end. the conversation was about “Hey, What are your top 10 for games of the year?” I came in and out of that conversation realizing that I didn’t have a lot on that plate. Maybe I just didn’t play a hell of a lot of video games this year? Maybe a lot of them weren’t that great.

I figured, for all intents and purposes Mass Effect 2 would have been it. Early contender for my number one choice. As wonderful and awesome as that game was though, Something else entirely was my number one. Judging by that picture at the top, you can probably guess what it is.

That’s right… Nier.

The funny thing though, I was really skeptic about the game. The way it was being talked up by Squenix and the Development Team (I can’t remember the name.) I was turned off by it. I can’t really remember why now, but I guess I must have thought it was going to be another God of War clone or something. (Boy, was I wrong.) It actually became something else entirely. Sure, it’s gameplay is actually pretty simple. and a lot of the sidequests require you to wander aimlessly. which gets pretty dull. The fishing was also apparently a hard thing to understand. But I get past all of the games faults, which there is actually very few of, and I realize that there is a very deep game underneath.

The game has an amazing power of words, both figuratively and literally. It’s overall theme is books. (and what do books have? hey? Heey? see what I did there.) A really impressive story that I couldn’t even think to muster. So much so that I feel like, talking about it in the smallest form will give something away, and I know how spoiler sensitive the internet can be. But it kept me playing, over and over and over again, just to see what more I can get out of it.

It kind of made me feel like, it’s been a long time since I cared about any kind of story in a video game. I’m usually the kind of person that likes to shut my brain off and play just to play, so in a sense it’s probably a breath of fresh air that the story was definitely in the foreground for once (again, not to put Mass Effect 2 on the back burner or anything.. but… you know..)

I mean if it wasn’t this game, then I’m pretty sure Vanquish is my number one, but I haven’t even played that yet.

And now, your morning Bonus Jonas


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