Cynicism in the absence of logical enhancement

I’m not going to pretend that I’m a high and mighty force to reckon with, but often time I will leap before I look and go off on a tangent without going through the motion of research or overall logic. But, If I can sell it to you straight I can sell you anything.

That being said, I’m wallowing in self-pity through Dark Roasted Coffee, at my favorite shoppe on the corner of Richards and Hastings. A regular laptop party in here as always, People surfing the fachebuks and the Twickers and one dude that’s always playing Call of Duty (srsly, I’ve seen him more than once, this is what he does). I reflect on the day I had, and why I seemed to have it. I have more money to last me for a week than I had last week, but still not enough to actually live off of it.

I just bought some new headshots you see (The one currently sitting on the about page) and they turned out better than expect. That’s an award winning smile I think. Sing it with me:

“That’s an award winning smile (I think),
The kind you take home to a mother (Via Lady friend)

It’s good to get out of the house when I can, though most of it in the past while has been in vain. I’ve spent the month or so indulging in the wonders that is in my life. Although I feel like I’ve been ignoring things. Perhaps that’s where my sporadic penchance (Derived from Penchant. I know Penchance is apparently not a real word. But fuck that, we’re using it anyway!) to be in a bad mood from time to time comes from.

It happens you know, I just have to deal with it, let it run it’s course. Thing are going to look topside, but this ‘hurry up and wait’ career of mine is a bit of a lunatic. Lately it’s been harder to get my own things off the ground as opposed to working for the man. I’m a collaborator. Some far all my collaborations have nobody giving attention, because we all have crummy miserable lives. BOOM!

At least I like to write. Can we film something I write please? all it takes is a camera and some people, it’s not rocket science. Oh shit.. Invisible cat. GIRLFRIEND! TO THE VIDEO CAMERA! LET’S FILM ADORABLE THINGS YOU CAN’T SEE!

Coffee is a wonderful Alcohol. I’m in a better mood already.

Yesterday morning (right?) I heard on the radio that we, as human peoples, only use 7,000 words on average. When there’s clearly a CRAPLOAD MOAR. so the lady on the radio suggested you adopt a new word to say everyday. But I’m thinking? why stop there? broaden your horizon of words as best as you can. You know how to use words even if you never fully understand what they mean, did you realize that? Copious amounts here. Catch yourself on it, if you feel like you have a limited library, than read more, stretch your mind muscles. Spend less time on the internet. This kind of goes back to that article explaining how Google is making us more simple minded (did I have a link for that? I can’t seem to find it).

[Something to think about: I was told last night that Japanese slang words weren’t invented in 1984. But, Slang isn’t an invention. If can back yourself up with Evidence of why Japanese slang words couldn’t be used in 1984, then please show me so I can read it, and learn.]


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